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I love it when salespeople say that "Such an item doesn't exist". With the amount of new technology that appears every day (and the speed with which it is introduced), it would almost be impossible to say that something doesn't exist, unless you knew about every item in the world.

I ran into this same problem when I was trying to purchase a USB switchbox (like a KVM box, but without the monitor adapter) and decided to check out Compucenter. I got into a huge argument with one of the arrogant salespersons, when he said that there was no such thing, and that it would make no sense, because a USB hub does exactly what I need. He just couldn't understand the difference between a hub and a switchbox, nor could he comprehend that there may be a world of accessories that his store doesn't carry.

The manager eventually came along and told the young salesperson to ease back, since by this point, it was just getting ridiculous. Haven't they ever heard that the customer is always right? Needless to say, I ended up going to another store and buying exactly what I needed, without any hassle (and I haven't been back to Compucenter since).. Moral of the story is to never trust a salesperson!

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