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value of my IPAD 3, 64 GB ?

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I am thinking of selling my IPAD 3, 64 GB, on Craigslist or Kijiji but would like to know its estimated value. I bought it a year ago at Future Shop and it has another year left on its warranty, comes with an Apple red case and the original box. It has WIFI and bluetooth but not a SIM card. I paid $920 for it including taxes and adusting for a year gone by on the warranty. thanks
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And Apple products only have 1 year warranty unless purchased extended care from Apple. I hold no value to Future Shop warranty. Also you will have to take into account that you are one generation behind and also something new may not be far down the pipe. So you are going to get your best value now.
Are you selling to get rid of it or going for something newer?? If the latter, I might just hold on to it. For my take, I just think that between iPad 2 and 4, and add the mini? There's a lot out there, as such, tons to choose from. The only ppl that need to upgrade are the iPad 1 owners (like myself) as we are left out of iOS 6. and more and more apps are starting to be deployed as iOS 6 minimum. :(

And the 64G units are always going for a hefty price so not sure how many biters you might get. <-- I could also be dead wrong about that too. *shrug* ;)
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