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Urgent Issue with Mac Mini

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I have a mac mini, bought it around July 2005. Great machine! The other day I got a message that I have never seen before. "Please shutdown the computer using the power button" or something like that. It was displayed in 3 other langauges! I have never seen such an error as this! I was speaking with a friend who uses Mac's reguarly. He explained that this is a serious error. He asked if I have made any kind of upgrades to my Mini. I told him that I installed a DIMM of 1 gig in size. This was done maybe 1.5 years ago? I have never had a problem with this machine! He said I need to call applecare immediately. The machine has been running just fine today. Could anyone offer some advice? Thanks.
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Called a Kernel Panic; often caused by a hardware failure, particularly defective RAM (but not always). However, it can also be caused by a one-time kind of distruption and never reappear. If the problem doesn't reappear, don't become concerned over it. If it does reappear, have the extra RAM you had installed removed and re-test. Kernel Panics can also be caused by corruption of the OS or other software.
Forget about calling applecare unless the problem returns.
I had one single Kernel Panic several years ago - never again.
Here is a bit more about this - nothing to get exited about.

What's a "kernel panic"? (Mac OS X)
OTOH if you have bought and paid for 3 years of Applecare, you have purchased the right to phone in with questions.

They won't support the RAM if it is third-party however.

One of the disks that came along with your machine has Apple Hardwarte Test on it. You could run that and set your mind at ease about your hardware.
Just a followup post ... Since my original post I have encountered about 6 more "kernel panics" Today I had some spare time, so I decided to call applecare. I spoke to a tech who had me do three separate things to remedy the problem from occuring again. We did a verify disk from the disk utility, it found an error. So, I searched for my Tiger DVD and ran that disk utility again fixing the problem. The tech asked me to do 2 more things: I moved library/preferences dragging it to the desktop. Lastly, I went to the userid from the finder and dragged out the "caches" folder. I restarted and was told these 2 folders would be re-created automatically! so far so good! I was given a case # and told to quote this if I ran into further troubles! Very impressed with applecare. Thanks again for everyones help.
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