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Upgrading My Baby.

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Powermac 5400/6400 board @250mhz

From the picture, it looks like theres a back piece included, A PCI adapter, and DIMM slots. I think this upgrade would be useful because it uses more modern parts which I can acquire more easy such as Ethernet cards and PC memory which would run faster.

I could sell my old 5300 board with the SIMMs and the modem, keep the cable card and the video in, buy the new Board and a can or two of Krylon Fusion spraypaint to make it look nice, im thinking black and silver like my PC.


Would this be a useful upgrade or should I find something else?

If anybody wants this older board, its 10 dollars, pickup in edmonton only, doesnt include video in or cable, just the modem and the memory and extra memory.
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