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It is kind of silly... but then again, there are those who trade in their car on a regular basis for the next hot item (PT Cruiser anyone? ;) ). Technically, it still runs the same as any other car, but generally speaking, it's more about aesthetics than anything.

I know I was one of those who are seriously thinking about upgrading... but not "just because".
I'm a power-user that does a lot of graphic-intensive work like 3d modeling, animation, motion graphics, video editing as well as graphic design and some multimedia. My 800 mhz G4 iMac is good... but it's just not fast enough (especially for games, like Medal of Honor). :D

That's why I'm pinning my hopes that the dual 2 ghz G5 will help alleviate some of my speed frustrations. ;) But I'll be waiting at least a year before I truly commit to purchasing a new Mac -- Apple benchmarks aside, I'll wait until the consumers voice their opinion once the G5 has been circulated. Who knows... by then the price will have dropped a little more.

Having said that... if I had the money now, I'd probably pre-order one.

As an afterthought, who knows... maybe Panther will help my speed issues in the long run?
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