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I would like to know what a person could do to a 350mhz G4 tower (sawtooth) to make it run a bit faster in OSX.2.4. It has a 10 gig HD and 896mb ram. Mainly used for drawing with Illustrator, but Photoshop and Quark are also used a fair bit.
Or if there are sites/pages one could recommend.
The less expensive solutions, the better. :D
Thanx for your time,

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Aside from the processor issue, you have addressed the big bottleneck - RAM. The next thing that might make things snappier for you would be a new, faster hard drive. says your G4 has:

Ultra ATA/33 hard drive (Ultra ATA/66 after December 2, 1999)

And I'm assuming you didn't pony up for the Ultra-Wide SCSI option ;)

According to, yours is a 5400rpm drive (ATA/33, not sure about the ATA/66 speed) - so a jump up to a 7200 or faster drive would certainly be noticeable.

Also, says yours is a the "Sawtooth" model that Apple dropped back to 350mhz (from the original 400mhz model) due to supply issues (without dropping price). :(

Finally, swap out that old Rage 128 Pro video card for something snappier.

As for site recommendations, LowEndMac does a nice job of rounding up links to upgrades, etc.:

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