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I have now joined the chorus of people who say to always back up your data.

I need to update my iTunes to version 6, since 7 won't run on my little G3 iBook. Is there a respectable site that I can download this version from? I have to spend my time manually updating a number of programs. Fortunately the old hard drive can be used to get some of the information but not everything.
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Thanks!! :D

Okay, next question:

I want to get Mac OS 10.3.9... and am sitting at 10.3.3

Do I just keep hitting the update button in the System Preferences? They mention a "stand alone installer". How does that work? I tried downloading the Mac OSX Combo Update for 10.3.4 but it won't allow me to install it.
Skip 10.3.9 - download the combo installer 10.3.8 - better.

About the Mac OS X 10.3.8 Update (Combo)
Hmmm, the installer says that I "can't install the software on (the hard drive) volume. It does not meet the requirements for this update". What would the next step be? Do I have to disconnect from the internet? If this is supposed to upgrade everything, what other things should I look at to get it to work?
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