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The older the Apple product, the more likely that much newer OSes will cause them to run slowly or erratically. I've pushed some of my Macs to run unsupported OSes and the process wasn't foolproof or easy. You may also lose support for some applications. For example, I have permanently stayed at Mojave, because my standalone Photoshop program will stop working properly with Catalina, and not at all with Monterey. You also may have to make sure that the system never auto-upgrades your Moneterey and causes it to fail.

If you're doing it just to see how far you can push your old hardware, I would:
1) Make a full backup of your existing disk on an EXTERNAL drive and then remove it. I once pushed my hardware into a newer OS using an updater that temporarily disabled all video drivers. Unknown to me, the upgrade was a failure, and when the screen was blanked out, Carbon Copy Cloner backed up the new, bad OS to the other drive. Backing out of a failed OS update is not easy.
2) Attempt the update and see how you like it. You can always go back using your external backup.

I have seen postings on YouTube regarding upgrading your OS on unsupported Macs. I have 2 Macs, a MacBook Air 2011 and an iMac 27" i7 2011. Has anyone upgraded their OS to Monterey. Are there any caveats? Have you been successful? Should I just leave my Macs as they are?

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