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Twisted Wheel Rally...

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Just to note that all those that are interested in joining the Twisted Wheel Rally,
It's going to be starting at the Keating Channel Pub located at 2 Villiers Street,
Intersection is Cherry St. (South) and Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto.

Starting with a complimentary breakfast at 10 am. and followed by a number of
fun and exciting events including a huge ride around the City of Toronto for all
types and makes of scooters and mopeds.

Start time is 10:15 a.m., Be there earlier for the free breakfast courtesy of Motoretta.
There will also be a raffle for a brand new Vespa LX50 donated by Vespa Canada.

.pdf of the poster:

Toronto Moto Scooter Club:

Dave :)
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Great Rally!!!

A very large turnout and the media was there as well,
The Toronto Star, CBC NewsWorld and Canadian Scooter Magazine.

Met Henri in person with his Derbi Scooter.

One lucky person won a brand new Vespa LX50 scooter in the raffle.

Pictures and a video of the event:

Album #1
Photos: The Twisted Wheel Scooter Rally - The Toronto Moto Scooter Club (Toronto, ON) -

(Scroll down to see the rest of the albums on the TMSC website)

Twisted Wheel Rally Video:
YouTube - TMSC Twisted Wheel Rally 07

Dave :)
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Great photos.
Sort of like "Sturgis", only with a "Depends-Geritol" twist.

Biggest scooters present were:
The Suzuki Burgman 650, The Aprilia Scarabeo 500, The MP3's.

Dave :)
CBC NewsWorld video coverage of the Twisted Wheel Rally:

(In the background of one of the interviews...EhMac member "Henri")

Dave :)
this year the Toronto Moto Scooter event is Saturday July 12
details will be posted on shortly
Well, good luck, and watch out for those asshole cabbies. :clap:
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