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Turbo Sim + iPhone + Rogers = working

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It has been confirmed over at hackintosh. This is great news. See link below:

Turbo Sim + iPhone + Rogers = working - Hackint0sh

For anyone that managed to get the turbo sim before it was sold out - lucky for you.
I will be waiting for them to get more stock BUT this is still unbelievable news!!
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Anyone have an extra turbo sim they would be willing to sell?? the store that sold them is sold out and has shut down their e-store!!

What to do??
How hard was it? Does you tube work too?

I haven't actually done it to my phone but it has been confirmed to work by more than one source. I've read over the steps and it doesn't look that easy - at least for me anyways!
I'm havinga lot of trouble registering at Hackintosh for some reason. Can someone please PM me as I'd like to buy a supersim card.. or whatever I need to get this to work. I'd also like to pay someone to do this for me as well... as my techie knowledge in this area is practically zero!


... I see the phone bills skyrocketing here...the data rates are gonna kill us.
Is there only one company in the world that makes these cards?
I really want the turbo sim. Can anyone advise me of were I can get one and for them to install?
I to am desperate for a turbo sim. (as I write this on my iPhone!) I find it hard to believe that only one company makes them. And they sold out in a day... How many were on hand 100? Yes im bitter but I would love to make a call on my iPhone! K now Im just rambling because iPhone typing is fun
I should get mine today or Monday, and will report.

Some people are paying $1000 per TurboSim now!!! Crazy!
incredibly jealous. and can't wait to see if it works with your iphone.
It will work - it's been confirmed by at least 5-6 people.

Damn I wish I bought one with I had the chance!!
if anyone happens to have an extra turbo sim by the way and looking to make some extra cash by selling it to me... please PM me! :)
I cant believe how crazy people are and willing to pay to unlock the phone. I love apple just as much, but c'mon... lol.. you'll only be the cool guy around town for a few days... then everyone will have them..
A G note for a sim???! Ok this is getting out of hand fast.
A G note for a sim???! Ok this is getting out of hand fast.
Not when you consider what many would have paid for a bloated AT&T (roaming) plan or the priveledge of operating an iphone on networks outside the US that may not (never?) see the phone.

That said, I ordered my TurboSim on Tuesday and won't see it probably for days now. Very chaotic situation.
I dont' understand why the data rates will "kill" anyone. If the phone uses wifi, then why will it affect phone service or usage? My friend (for example) is using his unlocked iphone for emails, web surfing etc until he actually activates it to rogers.

Could someone explain?
If anyone does get it working please update us on functionality (youtube, SMS, voicemail alerts etc...). Also if someone does know how to get TurboSims feel free to PM me I'm in.

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