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Turbo Sim arriving tomorrow - anyone willing to help me out??

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Hey everyone.

My turbo sim is finally arriving tomorrow and I'm looking for someone to help me unlock my iphone. I'm located at yonge and st clair and I have a car.

From what I hear it only takes about 20 minutes but I just don't feel comfortable cutting my sim.

Any takers??
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Hey kydee6039,

I was really really nervous about cutting, but all you need is a ruler, a SHARP exacto knife and a little courage! Really, you'll do great. just think positive, cut with confidence.

I too was nervous about this at first - everything worked out great.
I used scissors. No biggie.
The toughest part for me was getting refamiliarized with unix commands like scp :)
So the card finally arrived.

Does anyone have any links to the easiest method using a mac??
I will need step by step instructions!!
I have not unlocked mine since I do not have a TurboSim but from googling this seems to be the simplest and best detailed. [/URL]

I'm sure those who have unlocked their phones will chime in.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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