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this is true...but there are some people like me who watches the local paper(s) and if I see something I like I will buy it...if after a bit I get bored or want to buy something different I come here or ebay...I like this list and so far have dealt with good honest sellers both private and dealer..and it's good old fun...I could buy used cars, or baseball/hockey cards etc..I just do it with computers..and MAC only :D cUZ I don't SELL WINBLOWS JUNK
so maybe there are more people like me on this list...I for one don't buy a new computer and pay tax then try and sell it for what I paid why? cause no one will ever pay you the same price even if it;s a day's used! and they will try and knock at least $50 yes why bother! unless your loaded and don't care! so thats my story and I am sticking too it! cheers, Mark (and no I am not a dealer either)
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