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I'm looking for a top-tiered colo/hosting provider, perferably in the Toronto area. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find one. Most of what I've found are small operations that don't have a significant backbone (which also indicates lower grade infrastructure down the board). What I have found is Magma Communications in Ottawa.

Although their prices may seem high for shared hosting, what I've found is that the smaller shops are even more expensive when you factor in all the additionals such as bandwidth, mysql, email accounts, etc. To make things worse, the smaller shops don't have nearly as good a backbone as Magma. I'm extremely familiar with companies such as Exodus and Qwest during the dotcom days, but unfortunately, it appears that hosting on that level is nearly impossible to find outside the telcos these days, even more difficult to find in Canada.

Anybody know of a provider along the lines of Magma? I'm more concerned about the infrastructure than the cost.

Peer1 may be a viable option...

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