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It's finally installed, I've finally finished
installing a newly bought 10 gig IBM Travelstar
into my media bay of my trusty Lombard.

After many months of wheeling and dealing
with U.S. distributers and eBay...The project is
finally finished, Yay!!!

Now I can sit back and relax and not worry
about having extra hard drive space in my
I really love it...I just stick the media bay in and
when I don't need it, I just drag it into the trash
and then I can remove it from the media bay,
No cables...No muss...No fuss.

You see, I'm going on a cruise in the fall of this
year (Down to the tropics) and I wanted to take
my Lombard with me and use it as a digital
darkroom for my camera, It'll also be used for
much needed storage for all those wonderful
sunsets and landscapes ;)

Dave :cool:

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