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Tivoli stereo model 2 + CD + Sub - Complete Set-Sold

For audio geeks this stuff needs no introduction... Tivoli was founded by legendary audio designer Henry Kloss (of Koss and Advent speaker fame) and carries on his legacy of table top audio products. The Model 2 is a high quality stereo radio with an auxiliary input which allows you to connect the accessory CD player. Included is the accessory Subwoofer which fills out the sound and increases the overall output of the system. Included are all three components as well as the remote for the CD player and quality interconnects. The units are in excellent condition and are of real cherry wood with metallic taupe face plates. This is a great sounding compact system that I used to have in my bedroom, but a recent move makes it unnecessary and I'd rather it go to a good home than sit around in a box! Local Toronto area sale only. $400 for everything.



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