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I'm looking to retire the last PC in my office. :clap:

The only issue I have is a great finance program that runs on it - Time Value. It's a program that is very well suited in calculating payments on loans and leases. It is tremendously flexible as it can handle every type of structuring including skip payments, adding amounts to finance during a payment stream and other weird & wacky schedules.

I contacted Time Value & they don't have a program for Mac. I really don't want to install Windows on a Mac.

Does anyone know of a similar program available for Mac? I tried FinLease & it can handle basic functions but lacks the pizzazz.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Install Crossover for Mac - it has a 30-day trial period, $39.95 USD to purchase.

This will let you run some Windows software without installing Windows. They have a list of "yes, will work" programs, but you can also install any piece of software and cross your fingers. Something like a pure number-crunching program like Time Value should be able to run without any problem.

As for native OS X software that does what you need, I dropped over to the Pure Mac software listing for Finance, and found AmLoan ($25 shareware).

AmLoan is a loan calculator and amortizer that lets you calculate loan payments and generate amortization schedules using a wide range of options.


  • simple and compound interest
  • US rule amortization (no interest on interest)
  • six different day count conventions
  • four rounding options
  • odd first period with a user entered first payment date
  • actual to first day count for the first period
  • adjusted rate after n payments
  • interest only payments
  • extra or last balloon payment

Download from ParanzaSoft - AmLoan
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