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Tiger retail disc?

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I am here in the States for the summer and was wondering if anyone ehMacer might have a Tiger disc they are interested in selling and ship to the States. My in-law would like to upgrade without going the full retail price, especially since Leopard is so close. Anyone?
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Thanks. I should have remembered the "Wanted" section. I have never figured out how to do a search just in the Classified section. When I do a search, I get everything but the Classifieds.
I got a copy of Panther from a seller on Ebay for a good price. Maybe you could try there just be wary of anyone selling the system specific grey coloured CD's or DVD's as they may not work on his system. Also I ran across this site: AppleRescue | Mac Operating Systems & Technical Manuals when searching on that sells Tiger (tho not retail version ) for $89 U.S. (including shipping). They claim it is a universal version that will install on all that meet the system requirements.
WorldIRC, perhaps we could ask someone who works for an authorized Apple reseller?

csonni, this is the Wanted subforum:

Previous sale ads appeared here:
That would be me ;)

One can sell their copy of the OS if they remove it from their computer. That's all...
You can legally resell any retail disc of any Mac OS X version for any price you want.
You can legally resell any retail disc of any Mac OS X version for any price you want.
As long as -- as was mentioned -- you no longer retain that license of the OS on any of your machines.
I have the full retail version of Tiger. $75 Canadian shipped, if you just want the DVD mailed. Add $5 to ship everything (box, manual, etc).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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