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After receiving a strict no from wife, even before finding out about today’s update hardware and lower prices, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a TiBook Timeshare program? :D

It would have to be in the Toronto to Durham region, due to commuting issues. :rolleyes:

I would take the unit Monday - Wednesday, the partner, Thursday to Saturday and Sunday would be the day of Swap, sometime around noon at an agreed upon Neutral Zone! :eek:

I'm looking for a Professional, non-Smoker, preferably without kids to fork over half the retail price and tax on a new 1Ghz TiBook with SuperDrive.

Interested parties can reply directly to this message board.

And thank you for you considerations.

P.S. If there is no one interested in a timeshare program, I am willing to trade a slightly used, colically 10-week old girl! Very cute, a little drooly; but in perfect condition and recently had her shots!

The posting above was issued under humorous pretenses and will not be honored!
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