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Question: what is the best combination of business applications on the Mac?

Answer: MS Word and Excel, your choice of PP or Keynote, iCal and either Entourage or a contact manager, right?

It would also make perfect sense if all these aps talked to each other and took advantage of iSync...

Guess what folks: this scenario works very well on my Windows W2k machine: I use Act! and Oulook and everything converges nicely into my Handspring. Not so on the Mac...

Having spent hours with MS tech support (yes you guessed it, 90% of the time was tracking them down), I can report the following:

- Entourage Palm sinch kills stone dead any other channel, so it's a case of "me or nothun' guv'nor"
- Entourage will only synch the contacts and calendar, not the e-mail, so forget any ambition to kill a couple of hundred e-mails on your next flight (or Voyageur ride depending on means or ambition).

Which means that the only 'satisfactory solution' seems to use the very underpowered address book, OK e-mail and superb iCal...

Which brings me to another question... does anyone have any idea re. how to import from Outlook 2002 and Act! into the Apple aps?

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