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been using PCs since about 1989... a coworker turned me on to the newer Macs and their incredible Unix-based, OS/X operating system... the more I read on Mac forums like this, the more I am sold on switching to the Mac_World...

I will be moving house in the near future and want a notebook for mobility aspects assoicated with the move... I have 4 basic choices in mind and they are (all with government discount and in US $'s):

12" IBOOK - $1760
800 MHz, 60G HD, 640 M RAM, BT, Airport, APP, .MAC, MS Office

14" IBOOK - $1848
1 GHz, 60G HD, 640 M RAM, BT, Airport, APP, .MAC, MS Office

12" Powerbook - $2252

1 GHz, 80G HD, 512 M RAM, SuperDrive, APP, Airport, .MAC, MS
Office and Quicken

15" Powerbook - $3090

1.25 GHz, 80G 5400 RPM HD, 512 M RAM (on 1 chip), Superdrive, APP,
.MAC, MS Office and Quicken

My current computer use is not "poweruser" by any means, however I want to leave open the idea of future multimedia apps, editing movies, etc... Also, a guy at the Apple shop told me that IDVD is a nifty little, integrated product (in ILIFE), and IDVD only works with their SuperDrives... Also, my next job will be doing Java development in a Unix environment - and I want to play with XCODE on Mac OS/X (and I know that can be done equally well on an IBOOK)...

Now, I have poured over this forum and other Mac forums, and have read about recent Powerbook and IBOOK purchasers experiencing problems... Powerbook dead pixel and latch problems, and IBOOK logic board problems... I wonder if the percentage of defective Apple notebooks is as high as it appears if you read the forums... is it 5%, 10%, 15% of the notebooks being sold - or is it MUCH lower and it only seems higher as I am reading mostly about folks with problems... Also, it is very interesting to read about Powerbook Titanium owners not complaining of similar manufacturing defects - and it is unfortunate for Apple to be having this sort of problem for such a premium, kewl, feature-filled, and exciting product... Also, it is intersting that PowerMac G5 users aren't reporting manufacturing defects like the ones that new Mac notebook users are reporting... Guess it is easier to make desktops than ultra thin and feature laden notebooks...

Also, I have read that it is a good idea to wait on new Mac purchases until we hear what is announced at the massive Mac Conference in early January to hear about near future product offerings - new ILife version, Powerbooks with G5s in them (and we thought that the G4 runs hot!!), new IPODs, etc, etc...

If you reply I would like to hear what you have and if it is one of the newer models, if you have had problems...

thanks for all the great info in this forum... I have learned tons of OS/X and Apple related info - and I don't even have one yet! I am typing this from my 4 year old, trusty Dell Dimension 550 MHz PC running MS XP Pro (while listening to The Boss/Springsteen on my headphones - "When I'm Out In The Street..."...

Happy Holidays!!,
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