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The Andrew Carter thread

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The Andrew Carter, Emad Raouf, John Howard, thread

Post everything here since Chealion said we're not suppose to post in the classifieds.
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I emailed both John Howard and AndrewCarter about their great deals since I am in Montreal and prefer to buy locally. AndrewCarter never responded, even when I offered the asking price. John Howard replied to me saying that he was in Toronto and was moving to Montreal and if I wanted the Imac shipped instead of waiting for him. I told him I'd wait and I never heard from him again. Regardless, the best thing is to buy locally, and face-to-face. People in T.O. and in Vancouver are quite lucky as there seems to be a number of used Macs for sale. Unfortunately, in Montreal, it's hard to find a used Mac, and even when you do, people are asking outrageous prices for them. I'll end up buying new for sure in the end.
I wonder if you can file a report with the Montreal Police.
My 2 cents. Used Macs tend to retain good value, and after pouring over countless ads and auctions, I came to the realization that, in the end, it is probably best to buy brand new, since there are not that many good bargains out there. No headaches, no scams, full warranty. I am waiting for Macworld to see what products are announced; at that point, there will be some good deals on "clearance" Macs. Remember when the new Imac G5s came out in October; "clearance" G5s were $500 to $600 cheaper.
It may seem that Emad made a brief appearance yesterday.
There was an ad posted in the Classifieds yesterday for an Imac being sold by a Montrealer. I contacted him and the sale was already pending and the ad has since been removed. Usual gmail account, same specs as previous ads posted by scammers. Maybe we can catch him at a Leafs playoff game.

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1 - 5 of 89 Posts