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The Andrew Carter thread

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The Andrew Carter, Emad Raouf, John Howard, thread

Post everything here since Chealion said we're not suppose to post in the classifieds.
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How about a quick summary?

1.) Andrew Carter ripped me off 725.00$ (for a G4 ibook). He is located somewhere near Montreal. He claims he is innocent and I will find out when I get home today.

2.) Other people have had similar experience with this mysterious guy from "just off of montreal". He also goes by the name "John Howard" it seems. Maybe its two different people - we don't know for certain. Although there is a lot of similiarity.

3) Tracing through John Howard's telephone number.. we got Mr.Emad Raouf as the real guy. Applelover has all the information about him.

4) We wish to investigate this matter and provide information to the RCMP through RECOL in an organized manner. Thus, we need to get evidence of other similar events. If you think you have been a victim of this person, please email me your details (transaction dates, and other e-mail evidences). If valid, I will submit another to RECOL.
ANDREW CARTER said he tracked the package and it came today... guess what??? It did not.. (anyone surprised)..

Anyway, this is enough for us to proceed with getting the RCMP involved.

My lesson is learned and so will his.
Stillmot, can you provide me with the name that this person used when transacting with you?

In order to provide some useful information to the RCMP, please provide me with descriptions of your experience (what happened, the dates, how much money you lost, the e-mails, paypal transaction #, etc). If you don't mind, please also give me your personal info.

Currently 2 other people who have joined the rally. Again if you're a victim to this person - let me know about your experience.
John Howard's name is now added to the suspect list in the submission to RCMP. Are there other victims of John Howard?

We believe John Howard and Andrew Carter are fake identities for the person named "Emad Raouf".

Th Ontario Provincial Police may investigate. To help them with the process, I am trying to gather evidences and information.
I guess I certainly could. But not through RECOL because the Montreal Police isn't affiliated with RECOL. I will try the Montreal Police website
Applelover said:
What's going on with Emad, aka: Andrew Carter? Can someone who's been scammed give a status update on any progress being made? I hope the rcmp isn't just sitting on there asses on this one....Enough people have been ripped off for some heavy action to be taken against this guy.
incase you guys wanted an update...

I went to the local police station and filed a report (along with the one from RECOL). My file was handed to the fraud team and they will have a look at it. I will give them a call this week to see what has happened in terms of the investigation. I will also keep you guys updated.

The guys at RECOL hasn't contacted me yet (and I don't really expect them to). So I am going to keep bugging my local police guys until I get an answer/

Good news though, my bank is most likely going to chargeback the visa payment through paypal. Paypal won't be able to recover your money if it has already been withdrawn - what good does that do? We can't return your lost money if it cannot be found. Uh.. that's not protection.

If you're going to buy something online through paypal, do it with VISA. Check out your visa's buyer protection. My visa protects me this scam.. and even has extended warranty on products that I buy!
As expected, Paypal didn't do anything for me. They could not recover the funds, etc. I don't really understand their statement when they said

"We hope you understand our policy and that it assures you that you are safe using PayPal. "

I guess I am missing the point about their policy... how did it "assure" that I was safe using Paypal?
I got a scam email from [email protected] too. Except it was in reponse to my andrew cater post. Don't know what she meant when she said she was interested in buying my "product".
this is terrible so many people are getting ripped off by the SAME dude years after i first got shafted... RCMP RECOL was unhelpful.. nothing from them... i wonder why they cant find this guy.. could it be THAT difficult? or are they understaffed?

Anyhow.. i'm sorry for you all.. try your banks if you paid by visa.. cause you can void your payment by up to 30 days (i think) if you get scammed.. i believe its a VISA buyer's insurance.. all credit cards should have them..CHECK!!..thats how i got my money back
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