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The Andrew Carter thread

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The Andrew Carter, Emad Raouf, John Howard, thread

Post everything here since Chealion said we're not suppose to post in the classifieds.
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rubeole said:
Interestingly, Andrew Carter is the name of a local AM radio talk show host...

Call him during his broadcast - see if he's the same guy.
Start with "You owe me $725!".
Sorry if this has been said already, but DO NOT start harrassing the CJAD morning man. He is an outstanding guy and would not have anything to with this. How do I know this, you ask? I worked with Andrew Carter at CHOM 97.7 FM for two years and know him to be an honest guy (and it's not like he needs your cash).

If anything, the scammer a**hole chose the fake name on purpose.
MasterBlaster said:
Emad Raouf is definetly an Arab name, he could be Egyptian. If he is, DO NOT APPROACH HIM ALONE.
Um...okay. Nabbing scammer con-artists is one thing; tarring and feathering Arabs over this is racial profiling and is just plain ridiculous.

Bad-ass scammers come in all shapes, colours, genders and ethnicities.
1 - 2 of 89 Posts