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That 10.2.8 Thing

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Well, I Installed it, No Big Probs yet, ICQ quits on me (Might be an ICQ thing though), Anyway, I Was Wondrin if Apple will be nice and release a fix, I Didnt back up anything, So Im Pretty much stuck with this until Panther is released, Boy I Hope that is soon, Pete says not till November, but Im Thinkin Sooner, who knows???
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Apple is working on a fix and will re-release the 10.2.8 update. About Panther, I'm expecting a mid-October release, but it may be later.
.8 will be re-released Friday in all probability.

Jaguar... not in the next 2 weeks.
Jaguar... not in the next 2 weeks.
Sorry, I lost you here... :confused:
I Said I Thought it might be out by the End of the month, so thats like a week, I Know it wont Happen. a Fix for 10.2.8 would be nice, But as long as Bif Naked is Good tomorrow night, I Wont Care! How's that fer Losin ya!! haha
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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