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Terrorist attach in NL

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Beware of domestic terrorist using readily available ammunition to attach an unsuspecting public. The story Timbits used in drive-by harassment: RCMP

Police in western Newfoundland said drive-by pranksters chose unusual objects to throw at an unsuspecting pedestrian: Timbits. RCMP in Deer Lake said a passenger in a vehicle threw the popular Tim Hortons snacks at a woman who was walking on Wight's Road early Tuesday morning.
The pedestrian, 20, was not able to read the vehicle's licence plate. She described the car as bronze-coloured and resembling a Trans Am.
The incident happened around 1:30 a.m.
Where in the "H" "E" double hockey sticks is Stock Day HE MUST crack down on the TERRORISING of our country folk? With a national icon no less.:D
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BigDL, did you mean a terrorist "attack" in western NL? If so, the incident has been settled. The bronze-coloured car that resembled a Trans Am was found, and the owner was executed on the spot by radical factions of the Newfoundland Liberation Army. The car was torched as a symbolic gesture for outside terrorists to stay out of our province.
Dr.G. that is good news for now. However vigilance must not wane. Western NL isn't all that far from Eastern Nova Scotia.

With the long established CBLA (Cape Breton Liberation Army) "Down with the Causeway." The proximity of these factions, the historical connections between these two areas, readily available munitions of choice (Lord knows how many Tims are on stand by)and the heat of what passes for summer in these parts who knows when another attach could take place.

This is a season wariness indeed paranoia maybe an asset.
Just when those qualities are need the most where oh where is Stock Day.:confused: His wet suit and jet ski could come in handy to patrol the waters and coffee shops.:rolleyes:
...and the owner was executed on the spot by radical factions of the Newfoundland Liberation Army.
I thought we didn't believe in the death penalty? :D
HowEver, now that you mention it, he is getting more metaphysical. He has been reading Aristotle lately. He is always going around questioning his students about the meaning of Life, and the eclectic nature of reality, and even questioning our role in the totality that is the universe.

What worries me most about Dr.G. are his thoughts about the subjective nature of the aesthetic qualities of knowledge and experiences (i.e., schemata). When a person in a society begins to question the very foundations of that society, and dares to believe that individuals have free will and a social conscience, then that society is doomed to crumble. No leader can blindly lead such an individual because that person will not blindly follow this leader.

Yes, we should all take great caution around Dr.G., and make no sudden movements.

Paix, HowEver.
Lars, I personally don't support the death penalty, but the Newfoundland Liberation Army is of the belief that we "live free or die" and that "death before dishonor" is the only recourse when cornered.
He should be prosecuted on site for driving a car with a turkey on the hood...

I guess with all the RCMP issues of late they have been bumped down to pastry crimes and parking tickets. :D
I think if I was a teenager again, not only would I use Timbits as WMDs (Weapons of Minimal Destruction) but after I was done bombarding people with pastry treats, I would go smoke a big joint and hunt down Dr. G to have a conversation with haha.
MacD, it will be easy to find me .............. I'm the person surrounded by doxies.
I agree with Dr. G. He is very easy to find and he is often surrounded low-level hovering doxies.

I diagree with Dr. G's characterization of the Newfounland Liberation Army. They less violent and militant than the Salvation Army. The NLA's polemic for independence is fought through peaceful meme warfare and music.

Dr G, do you ever walk the flock of doxies en masse?
Greetings, Paul. If you recall, I stated that "...the owner was executed on the spot by radical factions of the Newfoundland Liberation Army." True, the main body of the NLA is still for non-violent, passive resistance to obtain the ultimate freedom of Newfoundland and Labrador from the colonial clutches of the British Empire and to finally, once again, breathe the fresh air of freedom. This radical faction, like many radical fundamentalists, are bent on destruction. I certainly do NOT support their means to the goal. I am a pacifist.

"Dr G, do you ever walk the flock of doxies en masse?" Paul, since you popped in for that short visit en route to your visit at CONA, we have 8 additions to Little Debbie's Den o' Doxies. Daisy had 8 pups 5 weeks ago. So, we now have 14 doxies in the house. We once tried to walk the 6 adults all at once and that was a sight to behold. "Doxies on Parade" was the headline of the Telegram that day ................ until they walked by the Lt. Governor's limo near the Arts and Culture Centre. Luckily, the limo is bullet proof .............. Dr. Roberts was unharmed ........... but I can't say the same for his Rotweiller being walked by his limo driver ................ a horrible sight since the Rotweiller growled at the doxies as they calmly walked past.
They too take to heart the NLA's motto of "Death before Dishonor".

So, how is Life treating you out on the west coast of our fine province?
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Life is good out this way. Just got married a couple of months ago. I was out your way last weekend to visit family and friends and sing karaoke at the Georgetown pub up by Holy Heart.
Paul, you should have dropped in to say hello. We get our bread from the Georgetown Bakery. Tres bon.
Opps, I meant to say I got married a couple of "months ago". I've edited the post. Georgetown is a great neighbourhood. My fried lives there. I'm so glad Georgetown has hung onto it's convenience store and its bakery.
Mazel tov on the wedding. Georgetown Bakery is worth saving at any cost.
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