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Telus Customer Service is next to none. It has been a terrible and predictable experience for 8 years, but it's all about to change. "**** or get off the pot" is what my father used to tell me and I stuck to the quote my whole life.

I signed up on this forum for one reason, and it's to share my experience. I'm a high level customer service manager for a well reputed corporation here in Canada, and let me tell you this, most of the customer service representatives I've dealt with from Telus would have been fired on the spot. No wonder Bell Canada (not much better) is rumored to have bought Telus.

I have recently visited a Telus Mobility store, may I add a corporate owed store. This ladies and gents means that Telus owns and manages this store. I walked in Telus at Place Vertu mall in ville St-Laurent on a Tuesday afternoon last March 2010. Two wonderful woman were working there at the time gossiping and giggling. Not one of them even noticed a well dressed man in his mid-thirties walk in the store. It took over twenty minutes of looking at handsets before this man got fed up and broke up the discussion between the two woman. I got the look of death from one of them should I add. (Comical).

I asked them about different plans between the Blackberry and the iphone. I got next to no information as they knew very little to nothing about these handsets. Luckily I had done my homework and knew what I was getting into.

I then asked them about Telus plans. The mistake of my life, I got a huge sigh and a "what's your account number". As if I know my account number. I got another sigh and a "what's your telephone number.

They looked at my plan and stated it was a corporate plan. I smiled and said yes, so what is available on a two year plan. She laughed and said nothing.

I then replied, fine what can I get and what is discounted on the black berry or Iphone brand. She told me to login to my account and find out for myself. I left the store and walk across to Rogers. Within a second I had someone with high energy helping me out. Not only did they match the plan, they offered me a free Blackberry 8520 on a two year plan and added the myfive to my current plan for free. They are also willing to activate my plan for free.

I contacted Telus by email three times already and have yet had any response.

The moral of the story is, I have a plan match, the phone I want and the two year plan I need from Rogers. I've been begging Telus to contact me and match or just give me a deal on a two year plan and nothing! I've bene laughed at and ignored by Telus. They have 60 days left, if I don't get a response, I will walked away from an eight year business partnership to a new company who will serve my needs and best of all, I will get the service I deserve. I'm sure Rogers has flaws, but at least they have great staff.

If your planning on working with Telus, I highly suggest you look around. They obviously don't care about your business!

Telus, I dare you to counter offer! Two months and counting!

Cheers!!! But no more mister nice guy and it better be good!beejacon
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