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I've been teaching for 10 years now and have served as a network manager for about 1/4 of the time. Having run Macs successfully on a Pee-Cee network here in Peel, I faced the chance to upgrade the G3 Macs to OS X.

Well. After almost a year, I have chosen to return to OS 9.2.2.

Why? Here's the line-up of machines:

iMac DV 400MHZ G3 (1)
iMac Indigo 500MHZ G3 (5)
PowerMac 6500s (2)
PowerMac 8100s (6)

Despite OS X amazing stability, I found that even after a memory upgrade (from OEM 128MG to 384MG for the iMacs), OS X ran too slow for my liking. Furthermore, apps like iMovie 3.0 ran dreadfully slow not to mention web software (although Safari is fast!). Appleworks was tolerable; save for the fact that the FONT menu took forever to load.

I "downgraded" the iMac on my desk to OS 9.2.2. today and noticed the speed increase right away. I reinstalled iMovie 2.x and my other Classic apps and ran rock solid all day.

Frankly, I think those who have G3 Macs in the 500MHZ or less range should stick with OS 9.x from my experience. My own iMac at home is running OS 9.2.2.; and a partition devoted to OSX apps. I find myself in 9 more because, well, it's faster and I can open far more apps than in X.

Also, my FileServer runs AppleShare 6.x and At Ease Server. Although the latter software is not supported in 9 or X, the Network Manager software still allows me to monitor the G3 iMacs and even share screens with the other Macs.

I will keep you all posted.

Teachers....what are your Mac stories?

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While I teach in the Faculty of Education here at Memorial University, where there might be no more than a few Macs in this faculty, we have a language lab complete with year old Macs. Many in the math/science faculties utilize Macs, as do a few of our tech people who design the graphics for our web courses.
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