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I went ahead and purchased my previously free .mac account (grrr), since I like my address, want to continue to promote the Mac in such a simple and broad fashion, and secure in the thought that at some point I would get around to using some of the .mac features.

Well, last night I registered my Kodak credit, and downloaded & installed Virex, then did a full system scan, which confirmed what I had always known: Macs are ridiculously low-risk for virus problems. Ever since I tossed Micro$loth Word off my computer, I've been ... well, perhaps "smug" is the word... and after 2.5 hours of scanning, my faith has been upheld. A completely clean computer, despite the best efforts of BugBear and whatever other virus / worm / macro that tried to get in, but gave up when they realized this guy doesn't do Windows.

Until I go for Jaguar, I'm stuck without the wonders of Backup, iCal, iSync, etc. ... but at least I have my identity...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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