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Suspicious auction (Resolved...Yay!!!)

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I have paid for a hard drive on eBay and have just noticed that another hard drive by the same seller has been posted with the exact same photographs of the hard drive I have bought, Have a look here and compare the two auctions:

I won this one:

This one has now appeared that looks exactly the same:

I've sent an email to the seller and said that I expect to receive the hard drive that is pictured in the auction that I won.

Should I notify eBay about this matter, Or is the use of pictures over and over a normal practice on eBay?


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It's possible that the seller has multiples of the product. But emailing them and finding out what is up is most likely a little better. And it says the person wishes to be paid by PayPal, that should be worth something... Try emailing first, and then reporting if need be. Some of the reviews the seller got are a little fishy too... Why would everyone put A++++?
It looks like the seller has already sold a number of these drives already (check his previous auctions). It looks like he just recycles the same picture over and over again.
Thanks Chealion,
I'll await the sellers reply
before involving eBay.
The second auction ends in 2 days.

Dave :cool:
I didn't think pictures were allowed to be used over and over considering the user agreement, Here's an exerpt from the eBay agreement:

Listing and Selling.
5.1 Listing Description. You must be legally able to sell the item(s) you list for sale on the Site. You must describe your item and all terms of sale on the listing page of the Site. Your listings may only include text descriptions, graphics, pictures and other content relevant to the sale of that item. All listed items must be listed in an appropriate category. All items in multiple item listings must be identical.

This would make it look like the items can't be the same picture, You'd think...At least I would.

Dave :cool:
Depending on how you interpret the agreement, you could argue that you don't need a picture of the item being sold; a picture of an (almost) identical item will do. I've seen numerous auctions on eBay where people have just grabbed a picture off of a manufacturer's website rather than take a picture of the item for sale. I don't think eBay is against that sort of thing.
I have sold 5 of the same item, which was in the exact same condition, so i used the same picture and no one will ever know.....uh ahem until now.
Normally, you have to put different pics but most of the time they do "recycle" the pictures.


Just got an email from the seller and apparently he had used the same photo over and over to depict unopened new (Sealed in the antistatic bags) hard drives.
He said I could have the opened one if I wanted...I declined

Thanks for all the replies,
I feel better anyways.

Dave :cool:
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Woo Hoo!!!
I just got it via Xpress post, It's exactly as said in the auction, March 02 and made in Thailand.
Well, I'm off to eBay to leave some very good comments.

Thanks again

Dave :cool:
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