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Yes, there is another thread on this, but this is kinda different, and so not to make the other thread confusing...

The Logitech speakers I want, have this listed with them:

Source Inputs

(1) digital optical for DVD or CD player, PlayStation 2, Xbox*, or PC sound card (requires optical cable, sold separately)
(1) digital coaxial for DVD or CD player, or PC sound card (requires coaxial cable, sold separately)
(1) 6-channel direct (3 stereo-mini connectors) for 2-, 4-, or 6-channel PC sound cards
(1) Analog stereo-mini for portable CD, MP3, or MiniDisc® player

Now-- my iMac doesn't have digital optical or digital coaxial connectors-- just a speaker mini-jack. Now, let's assume Apple's DVD Player supported true 5.1 surround in Panther v10.3. If I connected this niffty device to my iMac, and plug the mini-jacks (3 of them) from the Logitech speakers into this device from M-Audio, the big question is - would DVD's have true 3D surround sound?

*The Logitech speakers I'm talking about are found here and include 5 speakers (2 rear, 2 front, 1 front center) and a subwoofer are 5.1 compitiable.

Now if none of that was too confusing - can somone give me a definite answer if this would enable true surround sound?

**True surround sound means not just all speakers producing noise, but each speaker producing a different noise at different times - like in the theater. Example: Ship coming from behind you - rear speakers make the noise. As the ship moves ahead, sound fades from rear and moves to front speakers.

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Yes the M-audio sonica theatre will work fine with those speakers and your iMac.....under panther that is....for DVD's. As far as games go it will work in 10.2 IF the game(s) support 5.1 or higher.
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