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My mother had successful hip replacement surgery last month, but has spent a month in the hospital because she caught a postsurgical infection. The Vancomysin antibiotic drip she was hooked up to for two weeks didn't work so they operated again to clean out the infection. She's on a pill antibiotic now, her legs are swelled and she has a bunch of scary red marks all over her legs. A little Googling led me to the knowledge that she picked up a "superbug" antibiotic-resistant infection. These are hard to treat and could be dangerous.

More Googling led me to information about New Zealand Manuka honey. Honey article

It seems this very special honey works on infections that can't be treated with antibiotics. Has anybody used it? I ordered it from Amazon as it's only available online, and the challenge will be to get her and the hospital to use it. I would appreciate a bit of feedback if anybody has used this.
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