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Super Hi-Vision (post-HDTV)

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A Super Hi-Vision (SHV) picture is made up of 4,320 horizontal picture lines and 7,680 vertical lines. That's four times the horizontal and vertical resolution of current HDTV or, put another way, a single Super Hi-Vision image is equivalent to 16 tiled HDTV screens.
Using the new sensor an entire SHV screen can be captured with a single sensor, as NHK demonstrated on Friday. A prototype SHV camera fitted with the sensor was set up about 3 meters away from a scene that included a newspaper. It was possible to read the stories printed on the newspaper on a monitor displaying the image. The same thing would be difficult on today's high-definition systems.
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Just imagine the draconian DRM scheme they will come up with to accompany this technology. You'll probably have to provide blood, urine and stool samples to watch...
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