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sudo periodic for intel?

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hi there, my first time here eh! ;)

i'm trying to help a friend speed up her intel-based imac, but am not sure if i can run the "sudo periodic daily weekly monthly" script in terminal on this new system. i've run it for my emac all this time, but can't find anything on the net relating to running it on an intel imac.

anyone know?

much thanks,
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All those scripts do is clean up and archive the log files. Its not going to speed up the machine at all. Do what Lars said and get Onyx to perform some maintenance and tweak the system a little. Applejack comes in handy when things get hairy.

thanks to both of you as i will look into your suggestion for both our computers...

...but still need to know if its ok to run sudo periodic daily weekly monthly daily on an intel mac. not sure if this system takes scripts like this one the same way its older counter part did.

much thanks in advance,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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