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Stuff made with a mac

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The following is a list of items that were made using a Mac:

The Win95 logo was created with Freehand on a Mac.
IBM's Aptiva point-of-purchase materials and the boxes they ship in.
IBM office building in Victoria, BC, Canada was designed on a Mac.
Intel's Flying Pentium Ads.
The graphics for Sun Microsystems web site.
The graphics for Microsoft Network
IBM's print advertising
Gateway 2000's print advertising
Dell computer's print advertising
Midwest Micro's print advertising
Outdoor advertising for Microsoft Magazine
Print advertising and materials for Microsoft
Win95 packaging
Advertising for MS in Sweden
Italian advertising campaign for Win95
PC Magazine
PC World Magazine
Windows Magazine
Windows Sources Magazine
Computer Shopper Magazine
Next Magazine
Visual Basic Magazine
The weekly MS internal newsletter Micronews.
The "Intel Inside" stamp is done on a Mac.
Bill Gates home was designed using a Mac.
Adobe Magazine
Australian Country Style
Australian Golf Digest
Bill Gates' house
Colonial Homes
Communication Arts
Computer Life
Computer Shopper magazine
Country Living
Country Looks
Dell Computer's print advertising
Disney Magazine
Dr. Dobbs
Eddie Bauer catalogs
Entertainment Weekly
ESPN Total Sports
Family Fun
Family PC
Fast Fours & Rotaries
Forbes ASAP
Fujitsu PC Corporation's ads, collateral, web site
Gateway 2000's print advertising
Good Housekeeping
Harper's Bazaar
Home Depot catalogs
House Beautiful
IBM office building in Victoria, BC, Canada
IBM's Aptiva point-of-purchase materials and the boxes they ship in
IBM's print advertising
Ingram Micro's Creative Services Dept
Intel's Flying Pentium ads
[email protected] Week
Java Pro
Lan Times
Live To Ride
L.L. Bean catalogs
Marie Claire
Micron Computing's advertising
Microsoft Magazine
Microsoft Network graphics
Microsoft's packaging
Microsoft's print advertising
Microsoft's weekly internal newsletter MicroNews
Midwest Micro's print advertising
Modern Boating
Modern Fishing
Motor Boating & Sailing
Motorola's commercials, pubs, prepress, collateral, web sites
New York Times
Next Generation
Next Magazine
Nordstrom catalogs
Orvis catalogs
PC Computing
PC Magazine
PC Week
PC World magazine
Performance Streetcar
Popular MechanicsProfit (an Oracle publication)
Rolling Stone
Smart Money
Sports Afield
Sun Microsystems web site graphics
The Countryman Press publications
Town & Country
Truckin Life
Two Wheels
Upside (a technology magazine)
Victoria's Secret catalogs
VisualBasic Magazine
Williams-Sonoma catalogs
Windows 95 for Dummies Handbook
Windows 95 logo
Windows 95 packaging
Windows Magazine
Windows Sources magazine
Yahoo! Internet Life
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2 things;
1) Well considering that the Mac literally rules the DTP industry, its not surprising that so many magazines are made on a Mac, but what is strange is that they usually have an NT file server (That is every Printing place I've been too, well thats 4)
2) Where did this list come from? (Maybe this is my Social analysis skillz the teacher is impressing on us coming @ the wrong time)
I'd also like to know where this list came from before i start spouting off to all of my PC buddies about "the Windows Logo" being designed on a Mac. There are several repetitions as well.

Not that it doesn't sound plausible....I just need some confirmation that this isn't just another of those urban myth thingies. ;)
I got it as an e-mail. I did a bit of research to find a source. Here are some sites which refer to this:

I was unable to find any definitive authority to support this list. oh well.
Still and's a pretty cool list.

(the Windows LOGO? Gosh I hope that's on the level!) :cool:
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