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Nice Kitchen topic Mr. Mayor...

If you love sailing or have never seen a an Americas Cup series, the Louis Vitton Cup races have started which is the lead in the Americas Cup Race.
OLN network has excellent coverage and in case you think it might be boring - far from it.
The last LV Cup was a nail biter especially the last race series before the America Cup race. Watching these massive but unbelievably agile space age sailboats jocky at the start line is amazing.
The coverage is excellent, the tactics and decision making fascinating.
The most amazing part is that New Zealand, a country with the population the size of Toronto has completely trounced the rest of the world in the past two Cups....and I mean flat out blew the competition away.
They were never behind a single race last time and even put their second string skipper in for one of the that's both confidence and depth.
When you figure this little country is up against hugely funded national teams..especially the US makes for good drama. Highly recommended.
300 hours of coverage through to Jan 15th 2003. it can get very very wild.
sq :eek:


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mmmmm louis vuitton.....

i'm going to go to the vuitton store and buy a toque this week. it's bright yellow and says "louis vuitton cup" around the base.

it's far better than the monogram print which seems has EXPLODED all over my fair city of vancouver. we play "count the LV clutch" when we're DT. good times.

sorry this doesn't really relate to anything involving sailing.

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