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Ctrl-Click (or Right-click) on the link to the .intel file and choose "Save As..."

mpeg2enc is hosted on a server that does not give the proper MIME type with it. Not a big problem if you option-click (alt-click) the link, so that it downloads immediately to your default download location, without trying to recognize the file first. It will look like a text document, but the installer will change that to a Unix Executable File when copying/installing. The file size should be 492 KB (501,480 bytes).

Without all the binaries, some functions should still work, such as recognizing source files that do not require mplayer, and conversions using ffmpeg presets.
installation problems -

Unable to download mpeg2enc for Mac intel -

You don't need to open any of these three files. Just leave them on your desktop until the installation is done.
When you launch ffmpegX for the first time, it will present you with an Installer window. Use the Locate buttons to let the Installer know where the binaries are on your hard disk drive. When the binaries are installed, they are copied to a special location and all three made "Unix Executable".
Installation of ffmpegx -
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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