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I know that Heart as well as myself are shareholders of Apple stock . There may indeed be many members of EhMac that are in the same boat.

Do you not think that we as those who have taken the risk with our beloved company should have special privledges in regards to our .mac accounts?

Hey Cupertino ...Apple sharehoulders should have at least the same privledges as those bring in new members to .mac

20 bucks off at least on our renewal ..... those of us who signed on in the initial days should also get some consideration. We made .mac viable in the early days and should be recognized and or compensated for our loyalty.

hey Heart.... how do we get this/my message to those in charge if you and others agree that we as stockholders should have such recognition .

Comments from EhMac members who are or are not stockholders are welcome. At 20 bucks a share every EhMac member should perhaps be a shareholder ????
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