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Sorry for the downtime

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We're back up. Hurray!

The details of problems aren't important. We're back. :)
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YOU'RE BACK! Omg. Wow. I never realized how much I use ehMac until you were down for days. I kept checking, and now you're finally back :)

Yes. I am a loser. ;)
The disturbance in the force, like a million voices suddenly being silenced has been fixed! They are speaking again!
Hey, welcome back!:clap:

Couldn't explain how miserable I was when I turned on my computer just now and ehmac did not start up as usual...(it is the default homepage of my browser):confused:
Glad to be back up and posting :) Now time to play catch up!
That was quite the update. :confused:
That was quite the update. :confused:

Glad you're back. :)
.....I can breathe again.....

How Dare you go down for a while! I had to resort to spending time with my friends and family the entire time! They made me go OUTSIDE! ;)

Glad you're back :)
*Twitch* recoverring *twitch twitch* doctor recommended I start reintroducing myself back to slowly.
Dude! You go down just after I finished pimping your site to all my friends! Everyone thought I was messing with them, or thought I had bad links on my site. :)

Glad you're back.

Wow, am I glad you're back online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your work - you were sorely missed.
Heh heh... I was at the Apple Store today (new Airport Extreme Base Station!) and tried showing my friend I was with photos of me from their grand opening... And the site wouldn't load. I was starting to think Apple blocked access to here or something! (Something about us telling people to change Safari homepages to ehMac I think, not sure?).
Lemme guess...

Your webmaster forgot to renew something, right?

Really missed ehMac whilst it was down

Some of us kept the fire alive in the Ehmac chat room.
Some of us kept the fire alive in the Ehmac chat room.
Now that is dedication!
It feels amazingly good to be back! Part of my morning routine is logging on to ehmac :)
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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