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Dove MacSnap SCSI enhancement for Mac 512 in box.

WOW!!! That was a pretty advanced piece of equipment for those days... But I had to go Googling to find out what it was all about... 😏
Dove MacSnap
About the Dove MacSnap

The Dove MacSnap was available in 1986 and came in two base configurations: the MacSnap 524 holds 24 256-kilobit chips for 512K total, and doubles a Mac 512K to 1 MB of total RAM; the MacSnap 548, on the other hand, has 48 256-kilobit chips for 1.5 MB total, and boosts a Mac 512K to 2 MB of total RAM.

A fair bit before my Mac using days that started with an Mac LC, and it's colour monitor and stylewriter printer. And I chose to go with a newly released OS System 7.

- Patrick
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