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I want to build and try and sell a software or web site product. The problem is I feel like people don't actually pay for software anymore.

What software and/or web services have you (or do you) actually pay for?

Here's my list:


Leopard upgrade
Snow Leopard upgrade
Mac Office '04 (student edition)
iWork '09
Roxio Toast
VMWare Fusion
Windows XP OEM license
the recent MacHeist bundle (for CSSEdit and Espresso)
Call Of Duty & expansion packs

when I was in the market for new appliances I subscribed to for two months

That's just about everything I've ever paid for, software-wise.

Also, I've been thinking about buying OmniGraffle.

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Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard
VMWare Fusion 2
Nullriver MediaLink
Controller Mate
Call of Duty 4
Remote Buddy
Traktor Duo
Adobe CS3 Web Premium


Air Sharing
Simplify Media
Sandstorm: Modern Combat
Bejeweled 2
Asphalt 4
My Brute
Monkey Ball
Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Air Mouse

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I want to build and try and sell a software or web site product. The problem is I feel like people don't actually pay for software anymore.

What software and/or web services have you (or do you) actually pay for?
This sounds like the 90s pay per view - where rogers was trying to find illegal boxes which were unlock to watch free pay per view...they offered free t-shirts and magazines if you call in. :lmao:

i am not answering unless i get my free T-shirt or Magazine. LOL

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Hey this thread might turn into a good marketing resource!

Snow Leopard($14)
Adobe CS4 Web Premium: Student Ed.
Office for Mac 2008: Student Ed.
Civilization 4
Rise of Nations: Gold edition
Age of Empires III

What about going for a Business Plan more along the lines of:
- Create a really cool web app, etc (for a hobby)
- Market a free version and build a lot of hype and a large user base with plenty of MARKETING
- Make a really good name for yourself and your product
- Then offer a paid for version, or an add-on, or another app entirely

Like you say people just don't like paying for software anymore, so it would be a good idea to break people into paying for what you have to offer, so to speak. Offer them something free, something they really like, something they might not be able to live without: and, then offer them something more while they're all starry eyed... And at a cost.

Don't ever study business people... or you'll end up spewing evil advice such as this^^^ lol

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I don't know what the text limit of EhMac messages is, but I'll bet my list of paid software would break it. I pay for what I use and I use a hell of a lot of software, though I do admit I'm a bit of a sucker for shareware bargains and bundles and occasionally get something I can't use in the package, so I usually give that away to my local MUG.

As for web sites, I think the only web sites that are really going to be good at charging for content (beyond pr0n and poker obviously) are the types of things that we now called "trade pubs" -- highly specialised sites who's info is NOT aimed at the general public and who doesn't want them as customers.

You might laugh, but one particularly lucrative publication I profiled for an article once was "Turkey Farmer Monthly." It was a small mag, but glossy pages, full colour, ads for feather-plucking machines and auto-degutters. It cost $150/year and they had 30,000 subscribers. Do the math. Macworld would KILL for numbers like that.

Depending on what I'm working on, I could see myself paying a modest fee for, and there's a handful of meaty online journals that I would DONATE to (not sure if I'd support them going behind a paywall). Can't think of anything else offhand (unless you count MobileMe).

Maybe I'm just too old, but "traditional" software like Office and Photoshop that have been adapted to the web just kinda suck in my view and aren't worth paying for.

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It's been a long time since I bothered buying software. All software that I did buy in the past was a rip-off, generally because a month or two after I bought it, the manufacturer entirely drops the product and support. For my Mac, I did purchase AppleWorks - which was summarily dropped and it doesn't look like it will ever make a comeback; and NisusWriter - which was supported for a while but then they dropped support.

As for the Web, everything I use is free, and I doubt that I would ever pay for a service. If everything on the Web was pay only - I simply wouldn't bother with the Web at all. And it's not because I am cheap or something - I just do not see very much value for the money out of pretty much any "service" that I have ever looked at. I can even see that down the road, when my Macs are finally deceased, when I will have a Linux box at home, and a portable box running Google's OS for hitting HotSpots.
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