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So close, yet so far.... :(

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We have a local place that takes in old computers, and I recently saw three or four older Macs in the pile! They had internal CD-ROMs so they weren't TOO old.... but a closer look revealed that someone pulled the system boards out and left them as mostly-empty cases!!

I finally met the "computer guy" who volunteers there once in a while - he's mentally handicapped and removes the system board out of every computer that comes in, regardless of proprietary form factor, system class, or age. He's got a +20-year-old Tandy 1000EX which is so integrated he's been trying to remove the board for a month to no avail. Apparently it's his dream to sell computers in his own store (almost admirable) so he's taken all these parts and squirreled them away somewhere private. :-(

So, no free Macs for me. I was hoping just to play with one before blowing my super-tight budget on a new Mini or something. :)

BTW, anyone remembering my Colour Classic I was giving away - sadly, it went to a local donation place when we moved. My wife's doing - sorry. :(
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Hey Blue Max, how long have you been in Lacombe? Just wondering if I know who you are!
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