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OK, just installed Panther on an iMac DV G3/600, with 768 Megs RAM. I was running Jaguar before. I will say first off that Jaguar was a MASSIVE difference from 10.1 in terms of stability, speed and user-friendliness on this machine. It really gave new life to a slightly older machine. I was hoping for the same from Panther.

Well, it is very early yet, but I dunno if it is worth the price tag. Here are a few observations:

SPEED: Yes, it does seem the slightest bit zippier, but nothing huge. Do not expect any miracles here, I'd say. But it is a nice thing to have.

FINDER: I think this may be the best part, simply b/c the Jaguar Finder was so hopeless, even compared with Windoze. There seems to be lots more room to personalize it to your working ways, which is damn good.

MAIL: What is the diff here? Other than the threading, which is good I guess. Seems a bit more responsive, but sort of mean to make people buy Panther just to get a normal upgrade, such as with Safari for free.

That is a couple of things. I like it and I'm glad I got it, but straight-up money-wise it is hard to justify. My computer is probably only worth $5-600, so $220 is a lot of dough in comparison. Try and get it cheaper from someone at ehMac (who bought it but doesn't need it) if at all possible- that's what I did.

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