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sitting on the bench in Regina

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Just thought I would say HI from the airport in Regina! woot is it a lot of fun or what! I am waiting for my ride to get here to taxi me to our family reunion near Yorkton, Sask. Nice day outside so I decided to use thier wireless and check out my stuff online....Nice to see the farmers fields flying in to Regina at this time of year!
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I just got back from that country myself a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy your time with family imtk.

Sask. is still great at hospitality! ;)
That's my hometown!
Sit tight imtk, I called my mom-in-law, and she's bringing you some home made perogies and Saskatoon pie. YUM!

well I had no internet for the last 5 days so I will post some nice shots of Sask now that I am home. The pictures are not mine they are my cousin Tammy's! I imported a lot of relatives reunion pictures onto the macbook....I love digital and technology! Tammy is an awesome photographer as you will see. All the pictures I took were pictures of relatives and such.....Sask is a beautiful province!

I guess the best way to view these is too drag them onto your desktop if you like. Her settings were REALLY high!
Very nice shots, your cousin knows how to position objects quite well, and great use of lighting.

Welcome back to the internet. I hope those perogies were good (hmmm... perogies)
Your pictures are very nice, Sask. reminds me of something I just read somewhere,
"looks like the kind of place where you could sit out on your porch and spend a week watching your kid run away from home".

Nice shots. They take me back.
mmmm, perogies...... [Homer Simpson type drool]
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