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Yes, a very cool system mod. It allows you to make both a vertical and a horizontal scroll bar out of the edges of your track pad. Also cool is you can map your mouse button to "right click" and use "tap click" on the pad itself, a fav of mine. I actually found this driver (.kext) to perform better than Apple's in two regards, I was finally able to get "ignore trackpad when mouse present" and "ignore trackpad while typing" to work, something that has been dogging me since OS 10.1.

All isn't perfect, though. I unistalled it yesterday because clicking on things became hit 'n miss and "click with drag lock" stopped working all together for icons, but would still work for windows. Strange.

I recommend checking it out, though. You may get better mileage than I!

PS. It is better than uControl for scrolling, no mod keys needed. BTW the guy who wrote SideTrack contributed the "scroll bar" feature to the uControl project.
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