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Shiira 2.0 released

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Just a heads up to all the Shiira browser fans (or anyone looking for a new browser) that v. 2.0 came out today.

Shiira Project
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Not ready for prime time - still buggy

couple of interesting ideas - I'll stick with the previous version thanks
Shiira 1.2.3 is my number one browser, so you could call me a fan.

But even if I didn't disagree strongly with some of the changes they have made in version 2, I would still consider the removal of the "beta" designation to be premature.

It feels more like an alpha->beta transition.
What is it that shiira has that safari doesn't?

IMO i liked safari much better once i had installed all the plugins i use.
Shiira 1.2 uses vertical space very well.
I can have 70 or so book marks visible down the side of the window - only maybe 10 across,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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