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This looks really interesting:

SheerVideo Pro, a "nondestructive" software video codec for the production and archival of professional video and film, is now available from BitJazz Inc.

Designed to replace uncompressed studio-quality RGB and YCbCr formats, SheerVideo simultaneously doubles both the speed and the capacity of storage and transmission devices while encoding and decoding on the fly with "perfect fidelity, according to the gang at BitJazz. SheerVideo makes it possible to, among other things, stream uncompressed-quality HD video at the highest definition (1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second) over a single FireWire 800 line, while running SheerVideo on the fly in real time.

The video codec purportedly encodes and decodes faster than real time. On a single-CPU 1GHz Power Mac G4, SheerVideo compresses 110MB in RAM 60 times faster than Apple's PNG codec and four times as fast as Photo JPEG, BitJazz claims.
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