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Sharing spotlight metadata over network

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Sharing spotlight metadata over network?

I maintain a large image library for our organization and I'd like to share all spotlight tagged images with our second designer who started using a mac.

The library exists on my mac. We just have the basic files haring turned on and he can look at my files, but he can't do spotlight searches on my volume, nor can he see the spotlight metadata that I have entered.

Is there a solution whereby he can search my spotlight metadata?
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This feature will be implemented in Leopard: Macworld: First Look: Leopard first looks: Spotlight

You can do it now (messily) through Apple Remote Desktop. It can perform network spotlight searches, but costs $$$.
Not a solution for this, but a suggestion for using metadata ... you can do much the same thing as what you are doing without being proprietary to spotlight ... I would suggest adding the metadata to the actual image themselves (IPTC/EXIF) in the future. While this won't solve your immediate problem, it will get your metadata out of the proprietary spotlight database and in case of a crash or disaster the metadata goes with the actual image files themselves. This would also allow future users to be able to browse the images with an EXIF capable browser and see all the metadata, regardless of their OS version or spotlight database ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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