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Sending Mac slideshow to Windows user

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Hi there, my problem is with a slideshow that I made with my Mac Mini G4. It comprises 8 photos, with music playing throughout. Now after making it in iPhoto, I exported it to QuickTime, but of course I can play it also in Real Player, iMovie, and iTunes. The slideshow is 13.9 MB in size. The pages are best viewed in "full screen" mode, as I have embedded captions in each page, and any smaller than full screen would make it difficult for any others to read the captions. So now the question: I want to send this to a Windows friend - will he be able to open it? And can he play it in full screen mode? and also what is the best way to send it considering the size of the slideshow is 13.9 MB?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
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