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Are you talking about XM Radio or Sirus?

If so, I tried getting a subscription for my dad for christmas and after some research, I fond out that you cannot get it in Canada.

This is due to the CRTC dictating to us what we can and cannot listen to. They want us to listen to Canadian content (which I'm not opposed to) as well as Canadian advertisments.

So we loose out because once Again the CRTC has too much power over our lives. If I want to subscribe to a service that has little or no advertising, then where's the harm in that? I'm all for preserving the Cnaadian way, but at wht expense? I mean, if I want to watch the U.S ads during the Superbowl, I can't because the CRTC dictates that the Canadian feed has to be broadcast over the U.S. feed. So in that case our only option is to use Rabbit ears or get Direct TV.

Sorry for the rant. This subject gets me going.

BTW, my brother in law in Texas has XM Radio and I must say it is awsome! Anything you want to listen to is probably on. I went in to get a pizza and he said he was going to find Gordon Lightfoot and when I came back to the truck, Gordon was playing.
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