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Interesting product. I personally think the trend for 50" smart TVs that are curved is completely dumb (unless you live alone and never watch television with other human beings); but for a computer monitor, I imagine they'd be quite nice.

Here's a new one from Samsung, and the price looks pretty decent:

Samsung redefines widescreen monitor with curved model four feet wide, yours for $1500

Curved widescreen monitors are all the thing these days, and Samsung has just upped the stakes with a mega 49-inch wide HDR model aimed primarily at gamers. The company says that it’s the world’s largest widescreen monitor.

The Samsung CHG90 is the top end of a trio of new models just announced by the company: 27-, 32- and 49-inch QLED screens – which are LCD panels lit by LEDs

The two smaller models are Quad HD screens, offering the same 2560×1440 resolution as Apple’s now-discontinued 27-inch Thunderbolt Display. The 49-inch model is UHD: 3840×1080 – exactly the same as glueing two 1080p HD screens together side-by-side.

They offer HDMI and Mini DisplayPort inputs but lack USB-C, so you’ll need an adapter to use them with the latest MacBook Pro machines.

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